FOAM Announcements

FOAM Community Call - Local Communities for Decentralised Networks (Thurs 21 Mar) (3)
FOAM Map Upgrades Community Call (Mar 7- 12PM EST) (6)
FOAM < > 3Box Identity (5)
Signal Heatmap is Live! A new way to visualize Signals on the FOAM Map (3)
DPoL Community Call - Part II: The GeoPickle Awakens (6)
NYC Blockchain Showcase NFT Giveaway Live (12)
Takepart in FOAM's NYC Blockchain Showcase and receive a digital collectible (1)
Analyzing the Map Community Call - Thursday 12PM EST (7 Feb) (4)
Announcing the NYC Blockchain Showcase event at New Lab (5)
FOAM Developer Update #5 — Version 1.0 API Release (4)
FOAM Developer Release Notes (1)
New Post: The Anatomy of a Zone (8)
DPoL Community Call - Thur. 12PM EST (7)
Updates on FOAM (8)
FOAM in 2018, a Year in Review (3)
FOAM Community Call : Signaling (Dec 14th) (4)
FOAM joins the Poloniex family (7)
FOAM Initial Use Period ends on 2PM EST, Today (Dec 10th) (17)
Signaling is Now Live (12)
FOAM Daily Digest and Individual Points Alerts (2)
FOAM Map Developer Update #3 (6)
POI Filtering and Sorting is now live on the Dashboard! (1)
Important Announcement Regarding Signaling Audits and Proof of Use ( 2 ) (26)
Voting Rewards not appearing bug Fixed (1)
What does 'PoU Not Complete' mean? (1)
FOAM Latest Updates - October 19th (1)
Towards More Community Discourse – Moving our main community platform from Telegram to Discourse (here) (3)
Signaling on FOAM – FOAM (1)
AJAXError when listing POIs Update (6)
FOAM Map Developer Update #2 (1)