09.07. Challanges - decided and finished


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ok seems like you found it before i could show u :D:D:D


I have only specified the mail of the previous poi when creating the challenges at this Poi. You can find that mistake in foam.tools.
Yes phoe number is also from last poi copy and paste mistake :slight_smile:
pois will be well renewed do not worry: D


So many of these are dubious. People should be voting against all these challenges imo. The fact that you can find an old house number doesn’t make you right.

Basically you’re relying on information overload to manipulate people into thinking your ‘corrections’ are actually right.

The address of the Auditori De Caixa Sabadell, for example is correct–the official website confirms it.

Suggestion to everyone: vote VALID on these challenges.

No doubt you will now produce 5 replies in an effort to bury this response.

The Corrupt Side of the Foam Community

Sorry but again a comment from you that unfortunately has a lot of emotions but nothing constructive contributes.
The challenge refers to the address which is not complete.
The house number is missing here.
And yes you are right the address is on the homepage:


And last time I asked for your 3box profile to see what you continuously contribute to this map except to constantly question the work of others.


My presence or lack thereof on 3box has nothing to do with what is currently being discussed.


For me yes.
For you, the hours and nights of my work seem to be worth nothing for this project. For the second time in a row, I have to invest more time in my challenges again becouse of your emotions. You prefer to distribute criticism and designate me as a robber before you take your mouse in the hand and research.
That’s why I’m wondering what gives you the right to pull me down so much even though I spend a lot of time here to make the product better in which you are invested.


I Hope u are happy now.
The Big voter has hate voted against all my Challenges.
Voted 4 challanges in 1 minute- for sure he was checking the facts very good :smiley:


“The community has spoken.”

The Corrupt Side of the Foam Community

Ya the Big stake holder :smiley: Tryed to push me in a Big challenge before.

Very poor, but i saw that coming and i take this Group Action Sporty.
But there will come more. Don’t worry


My friend this statement just shows me the degree of your Intelect.
This commentary puts me back in the Spanish Inquisition.
Examining information and adding new information is what makes planes fly and your computer run.
Every challenge I have made is based on plausible facts. You and your friends are hurting this project massively.

But as a flood of information can also help to uncover corrupt and greedy members of a community, I’ll show you soon.


Let me guess, this is you: :smile:
Voting against a wrong housenumber on 50 Foam:

But voting for missing and wrong housenumbers :smiley: :D, this realy fits good to you!!

So funny


That’s not me.

IMO, this is yet another sign that the TCR is the most dubious part of this project. I hope that Ryan and the team are spending all their efforts on dPOL.


This is nothing agianst what is comming soon.
This is a playground of adicted people with money.
I will ad a Post, maybe in the evening.

Then i will show u what in real is what u called the comunity yesterday.
And when u see how people act maybe than u can see somehow the worth of my work, maybe…


The TCR is an immense burden for something that can be done in a centralized way dirt cheap. In the meantime, all we have of dPOL is one demo, almost a year later.


Can you explain how the website address confirms the original POI address? I am seeing the opposite, saying it should be supplemented with building number 25-

This is the only map that is completely open and provides incentives for curation. It’s also the only map that links points in space to Ethereum accounts to make points interoperable with the blockchain.

What makes you think dPoL is so easy? If you are already impatient, you’ve got awhile more to wait. Once the code is ready, thousands of people are going to have to set up and maintain beacons.


You’re right. I don’t think it’s easy and I’m not really impatient, though yes I looked impatient as I tried to make a point. I do think the TCR is largely a distraction–that’s the important point I’m trying to make.

All that is really needed is a way to write lats and longs to the blockchain. Everything else seems like a waste of time to me. At some point, centralized solutions are okay.

It’s fine that you don’t agree with me and that you think I’m obnoxious. I really don’t care. What is true is that the incentives are currently not working. Right now, the TCR process does not select for truth.


Creating an encoding standard is relatively easy compared to the human work that needs to go into verifying that lat/long positions are actually specific addresses…

We’ve seen this issue a bunch of times on the map already, where mapbox’s auto-population of addresses based on lat/long is incorrect, and the point has to be fixed.

Given this, I’d say it does select for truth.


Huh? If you’re going to post, at least write something that makes sense. Someone just voted valid (and won) not because ‘valid’ was true, but rather because valid was profitable. These are the current incentives. Feel free to pretend otherwise, but the evidence is right in front of you.

Also the issue you’re identifying is an issue that Mapbox has in translating lats/longs. It’s particular to that application and totally beside the point I was making. There is no database issue in translating lats and longs to something that blockchain can store. You’re confusing a UI issue with a DB one.