3D buildings on FOAM


I just discovered 3D buildings in openstreet maps and started to think about:

One of my ideas/doubts about proof of location in FOAM was about the Z coordinate validation and how this could help novel applications in the protocol.
Is there any plan or is necessary to have the Z axis on the map? right-clicking in FOAM as in OSM incline the view so we should be able to look at buildings / hills, so my question is: it is possible?
Some application coming in my mind would be:

  • if NFT is provided for proof of location in a real estate transaction, we could have a definition of apartment (?)
  • if a NFT game could tokenize a building, why not a part to better explore it?
  • supply chain or NFT crypted vaults, unlockable through POL could be more expandable this way?
  • the idea of having sub-tokens and providing tokenized services per location could be interesting?

I know that dynamic proof of location is based on radio emitters, so a 3D altitude could be provided?
Sorry if I miss some technical points about this, but in general I didn’t find anything about the third dimension in the posts!


Great questions @ntotao !

Calculating elevation is possible with FOAM’s Proof of Location protocol for the same reasons that GPS can calculate elevation. However, similar to GPS, calculating altitude is more difficult than just calculating two-dimensional coordinates.

Using GPS, most phones cannot reliably determine elevation, so most new phones instead rely on air pressure sensors to calculate elevation.

Field tests will need to be conducted before any accuracy claims for elevation are made for the FOAM protocol.

So yes, it is possible to add a 3D overlay to the Spatial Index and display Proof of Location with elevation.

Semi relevant article : https://blog.foam.space/crypto-spatial-coordinates-fe0527816506


I do love the applications you thought of!

It would be possible to implement smart contracts that unlock at certain elevation levels or certain locations through Proof of Location I believe which opens all kinds of interesting applications possibilities.


Z coordinate Validation would certainly be extremely useful and my understanding of the technology leads me to believe that a network like FOAM would be a far more useful than GPS as a compliment to other sensor data.

I can imagine the Floor of a building being a necessary component of many PoL use cases; specifically as they relate to high density housing such as apartments, hotels, office buildings, and condos. Essentially any multi story building especially multi-tenant wether residential or commercial.

I imagine(and would love critical comment) that the Z coordinate resulting from a PoL with 4 contribution nodes would be as accurate as the XY, but there may be issues in anchoring/validating the Z coordinates of nodes in a zone that I am unaware of.