4/25 Community Workshop FOAM Improvement Proposals


To all FOAM Cartographers,

Please join us for first Community Workshop (Thursday, April 25th at 12.00pm EST).

For next week, we have planned a special community workshop with the intent of discussing community proposals for improving the FOAM Map. The workshop will go over previously collected improvement proposals, the current state of the FOAM Map and will end with a discussion surrounding a more formalized future framework for FOAM improvement proposals.

The workshop will not be livestreamed but recorded. If you want to attend, please sign up below.

We are joined by Community member Coleman @nameloceroom to lead the workshop. Additionally we will be joined by several familiar faces from the community, each giving us their unique perspective. Please reach out if you are interested in organizing and facilitating this call!

A preliminary list of proposals on the community discourse has been compiled and will be shared in the form of an agenda prior to the call. If you have improvement proposals and want to be involved in steering the direction of future development on the FOAM Map, joining this conversation is a great place to start.

Sign up for the workshop here:

Hope to see you there!

User Experience
Challenges in Girona, Spain
Personal assessment of challenges, voting period ending on April 24th
Challenges Ending On 2nd May
Challenges Ending On 2nd May

I’m unable to make this event but am very excited to hear the results. Thanks for making this happen!


For anyone who will be attending the call, in the link below you will find:

  1. Meeting Agenda
  2. Improvement Proposals collected from Discourse (Overview)
  3. Improvement Proposals collected from Discourse (Detailed Spreadsheet)

During the call, we will walk through the proposals referencing the overview document, and add any additional details to the spreadsheet for full tracking. Looking forward to chatting with you guys!


I’m posting two of the items from the document, I think these are important and should begin work sooner than later as this is a very public face of FOAM. The NFT for POI could be handled with a legacy swap of the established POI’s… Contract upgrades of course would have to be extensively tested and the implications for the FOAM ecosystem modeled appropriately. I will try to join the call…

Signal metadata should follow OpenSea standards

" 24 A74 Signal metadata should follow OpenSea standards Smart contract upgrade N/A 4/22/2019 Signal metadata should follow the full OpenSea metadata standards. Should have image of their location placement. See Decentraland’s Land screenshots https://mydcl.net/Index"


  1. https://docs.opensea.io/docs/2-adding-metadata
  2. https://github.com/ethereum/EIPs/blob/master/EIPS/eip-721.md
  3. https://opensea.io/recent/foamsignal

POIs as NFTs that can be traded

" 19 A63 POIs as NFTs that can be traded Smart contract upgrade Mark 2/18/2019 POI owners would be able to sell valuable POIs to be rewarded for early efforts. Parties that value them would be able to buy them. How signals currently work."


While I do see mentions of Gas problems, I didn’t find any mention of exploring Meta Transactions for the FOAM Map, abstracting away Gas Fees would be a great way to reduce User Friction.

It’s definitely something that can be explored for application on the FOAM Map.


Everyone signed up should have received a zoom link in their mail. If anyone has issues joining, please PM me.

Looking forward.


Thanks @nameloceroom for leading and @foam_cs for presenting analytics and giving us an overview of the current state of the map.

Will share notes early next week with a way forward to get to the second half of the proposed improvements as per agenda.

Thanks to everyone joining!


The next FOAM Improvement workshop led by @nameloceroom will happen Thursday, May 9th.

We will discuss community parameter adjustments, smart contract improvement proposals and a framework for future improvement proposals.

Below is a poll to decide on a time (informed by @Kilo, here)

  • 10am EST
  • 12 noon EST
  • 2pm EST
  • 4pm EST
  • 6pm EST

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You can find a recording of the workshop here:

Notes from Community Workshop #1

Notes from discussion regarding UX proposals:

User Experience

Please vote if you haven’t yet! We want to make sure that everyone who wants to attend can do so.

Also, the first Community Improvement Proposal has been pushed live! Metadata fields (like Phone and Websites) that are blank are now not displayed in the UI. You will no longer see null fields. Congrats to everyone who participated! :partying_face:

User Experience

We have 5 votes so far, with the community favouring the previous time of noon EST. Would propose to close the vote by end of day to be able to communicate the new workshop time to community.


Closed the poll at 8 votes. Noon EST won. Will announce later today in newsletter.

Will make note that we have another community call available to AUS community in future (sorry @Kilo).


No worries. Thanks for the poll.