4200 Foam Challanges - Finished


Here two challanges in Paris:

1 Les Deux Magots - iconic café

Wrong address. The correct number is 6 as stated on the website. 3 is the building opposite.
In addition, homepage and telephone number are missing:
http://www.lesdeuxmagots.fr, +33 1 45 48 55 25

2 The foody street - french pastry

Wrong name, homepage and telephone number are missing.
The name of the POI is invented.
It should be Sébastien Gaudard Patisserie with the corresponding address.

There is no written link between foody street and Sebastian Gudard.
There is no street known as Foody Street in Paris. Neither in English nor in French.
It is what it is. Its the Rue des Martyrs.

If you create a POI that points to an entire street then you can do that as well but then interpret the description accordingly and describe the street.
Like here: Kärntner Straße

Here the homepage and the telephone number.
I also wonder how exactly the map will be when everyone starts to invent names.
http://www.sebastiengaudard.com,+331 71 18 24 70

I will add both new because I really like the homepages and the content.
Thank you for voting!


Just as a tip, it seems like the challenges are more successful when the challenger stakes the replacement POI before or immediately after issuing the challenge. Then, other cartographers know that the POI is restaked, and don’t need to trust in the challenger that it will be restaked later once the challenge finishes.


Thank you for your contribution which I appreciate very much. I thought it was better to give the POI after a successful challenge. I stay to my word.
But I think that should not be the decisive point for the vote. Rather, the motivation should be to standardize a clean and structured approach in the creation of POIs and to maintain the map accordingly.


Thanks for the votes and the appreciation of the work.