5/9 Community Workshop II - TCR Parameter Adjustments & Registry / Voting Contract Upgrades



Please join us for the second FOAM Map Improvement Workshop, 12 noon EST, Thursday - 9th of May. This time we are focusing on TCR Parameter Adjustments & Registry / Voting Contract Upgrades. @nameloceroom will be leading the call and sharing an agenda soon.

Sign up for call here

You can find notes on UX improvements from last call here and general notes here. The workshop will not be live-streamed, please sign up to attend. We will send a follow up mail with details on how to join closer to the event.

See you on the call!


We will among other things discuss this list of KPIs for guiding community governance of TCR paremeters, provided by @foam_cs


Hi All,

Here is a link to the agenda and notes that we can use for our next community workshop call (5/9). Feel free to leave comments in this doc where you have any suggestions or questions (or DM me).

I felt our last discussion was fruitful, but I made some changes to the structure of the next call based on feedback. I feel it’s better to break the proposals down by goals and proposals (“ends and means”), rather than by proposal type (UX, TCR Param, Contract Upgrade). This gives us a clearer picture of what we seek to accomplish and our various options.

In addition to this, we can discuss TCR Parameter Adjustment Goals & Metrics (provided by @foam_cs), as well as a path forward on formalizing the FOAM Improvement Process. We need volunteers on that front if anyone wants to get a head start on putting a specification template together. @ainsleysutherland @Jimmy_maps @foamspacer @ntotao @N_O_O_B @GeoPeter @cryptozen @jazzhands @yinzeus to name a few common contributors, or anyone else :grin:

This is all up for the community to decide, so come with ideas and suggestions! Or, always feel free to just listen and learn.


Reminder to sign up for the call, happening today 12 noon EST here.

Thanks for preparing @nameloceroom. Looking forward!


Hey @arthur that links to the signup form. Yikes I’m late!


Yeap that was the intention :stuck_out_tongue: We were planning on sending a personalised email to those that signed up with the Call Link.

For late comers who want to join in on the call, do DM me on Telegram @Daryllautk for the link!


Sorry I could not make it, I am traveling and the timezone difference is too large right now. I went ahead and created a DRAFT FOAM Improvement Proposal on github, if we can get the team to create a similar repository it can be submitted as a pull request see https://github.com/yinzeus/foam.developer/tree/master/fips I’m not sure if they want fips under the developer landing page…


Thanks for sharing @yinzeus. Think this almost deserves its own thread for discussing further.

Uploading recording as we speak. Notes will be shared soon as well.


Here is the full recording of the workshop. Thanks again to everyone that joined!


Thanks to everyone who participated or listened in afterwards. I’ve dropped the meeting notes/minutes related to those parameters in the other thread where we were discussing the TCR Parameters, here-

@yinzeus As Arthur mentioned, we are grateful for the FOAM Improvement Proposal drafting that you have started doing.

On the call, we discussed a potential process we could use going forward for these FIPs:

  1. Post proposal on Discourse
  2. Collect and discuss on Community Workshop Call
  3. Proposer or other community member formalizes proposal into FIP (adhering to specification), and argues for it again in a later community call, where more serious consensus is gauged (potentially in a vote of some sorts)
  4. If strong consensus exists, then finalize and post on Github respository
  • Explore Signaling / informal voting process around the improvement proposals.
  • Discourse as voting tool?
  • Release a DAO → Look at Aragon/Cosmos DAO/Proposal methods?

In terms of our Community funding discussion, here’s the notes:

  • On top of grants, what are other ways to fund activities as a community?

  • If we take TCR proposals forward, or want to organize anything else as a community, there is a need to look at multiple avenues of funding

And finally, here’s a link to a document with all the meeting content and notes in one place, if that’s easier-

Thanks again everyone! Let’s keep the ideas flowing and discussion going.

6/13 Community Workshop III - Registry & Voting Contract Upgrades