8/22 Community Workshop IV - FIPs and Open Forum



Please join us for the fourth FOAM Community Workshop Call at 12pm EDT on Thursday, August 22nd.

We will be discussing the FOAM Improvement Proposal (FIP) process and specification. With any remaining time, we will open up the subject of the call as an open forum for community discussion.

Sign up for the call here

The workshop will not be live-streamed, so please sign up to attend. We will send a follow up mail with details on how to join closer to the event.

You can find the agenda and talking-points here.

FIP Process and Specification (full) on Github here.
FIP Process and Specification (summary) here.

Hope to see you on the call!

FOAM Location Update and Demo Documentation

Thanks to those who joined the Community Workshop Call yesterday. We forgot to record…oops. You can find a general overview of the discussion and takeaways in the FOAM Improvement Proposal thread below.