A new guide 'How do I get FOAM tokens?'


Now you can get FOAM tokens without leaving the FOAM Map through built-in Uniswap widget. We are excited to share a detailed guide on how to do it!



Bilaxy is the traditional exchange that has most of the volume in FOAM. It also has an ETH/FOAM trading pair. Perhaps it should be added to the end of the guide?


Integrating as a widget removes friction for the User. This is really excellent to see with the FOAM map!

Uniswap is also an excellent platform for providing liquidity for a token. (The Liquidity Pool for FOAM allows FOAM tokens conversion to and from Ethereum without substantial loss in value; depending on the size of the pool) While other exchanges such as Bilaxy may have higher volume. The friction associated with setting up an account can be discouraging to a user who may only want to create a POI. In such a scenario, the user would be better served by a Uniswap conversion of the requirements for a POI.

Hayden Adams has explained the mechanics of Uniswap in a number of podcasts, I strongly suggest you take a listen to understand how important this is for Ethereum and the ERC-20 ecosystem!


Dude I know what Uniswap is and why it’s useful. At the end of the guide, Poloniex gets cited as another place to get FOAM, but Bilaxy is the better option if you’re going centralized.


The marginal cost differences between Uniswap, Bilaxy and Poloniex for the user buying FOAM tokens to use in FOAM mapping activities is secondary to the value creation they realize by owning a part of an open and collaboratively generated mapping application.

We know that integrating the widget allows frictionless access to a pool of FOAM tokens that is exposed in every trade to arbitration across many DEXs. This means that for the purposes a user would buy FOAM, they are getting the effective market price, based on the size of the liquidity pool.

What a user brings to the table is their expertise, and local knowledge in adding to the FOAM map. Thus if we are complicating the issue by saying they could use Poloniex, vs bilaxy this is a form of Choice Fatigue we should be extremely cautious of.

A feature is truly frictionless if a user is not delayed in executing it. Each component of delay increases the probability that the user will abandon the task as too slow, too complicated etc. We know that eCommerce sites track shopping cart abandonment and implement optimizations to prevent that as it effects their bottom line.

Our goal here is NOT providing instructions on buying FOAM, the goal is providing clear and concise instructions on how to USE FOAM to perform useful tasks in the FOAM protocol and ecosystem. Acquiring FOAM is needed, and the simplest method is always best.