Alerts for challenges


Community members are requesting an alert system for their points of interest. Do we need an alert system? How should it work?

Currently, cartographers have two choices to ensure they do not lose FOAM tokens without the opportunity to defend a challenged point:

  1. Visit the FOAM Map at least once every 5 days to see if any of their points have been challenged.
  2. Remove verified points from the map (and have their stake returned).

The second outcome will weaken the map but is a logical decision for individuals who cannot meet the demands of regularly checking the map.

I have made a simple solution that runs a daily query of watched points against all new challenges. If there is a match because one of the watched points was challenged, it sends the owner an email alert. This starting point has some disadvantages but might lead us to something greater. Appreciate any input.

Email Notifications - Get notified when your points of interest change status

Alert system is being discussed, we are looking at different solutions. Both in app and email notifications are alternatives. Feel free to give comments and suggestions, we would love to hear from the community!


If anyone wants to watch specific points in the mean time, add them to this Google form. I run a daily report and will email you if your points have been challenged.


What you do is fascinating. Do you check manually? Or have you built something to watch?


Thanks :slight_smile: I do the summary email and alert emails at the same time, with a script. I’ve been running it manually to work any kinks out, but it will be automated.


Very cool. It’s a great service.