Alice x FOAM - FOAM Developer Grants


Hey fellow cartographers!

We have had an incredible journey so far, since showing Ryan the idea of a FOAM mini dapp in ETHNewYork and then applying and getting approved into the Developer Grants Program. We’d love to tell the story of where we are at today, give you access to the very early stage app to have a play with, and state some hurdles we’re overcoming along the way.

Alice’s main goal for Ethereum is to drive the ecosystem further and more rapidly through mass user adoption. We see FOAM as a massive part of that vision being the de facto mapping solution as we are big fans of community verified mapping solutions and align with FOAM’s vision of more accurate location data.

Alice is an open-source mobile wallet that allows developers to build mobile applications within its app (Mini Dapps). Giving users access to a dapp store within its interface. We are giving developers access to a mobile SDK which gives them access to the phone’s Camera, Push Notifications, Mapbox, Web3 functions, Location Features and more native features which can be discovered in our SDK docs.

What we’ve done so far is built an early stage prototype for the FOAM map which allows users to view Points of Interest in their FOAM “mini dapp” with a fully encompassing interface that is more performant than the web interfaces people are used to in mobile. This is so you can always check on Points of Interest with as little friction as possible.
We’ve also built the ability for you to receive push notifications if your Point of Interest has been challenged and when you tap on the notification it will take you straight to the Challenged POI in the FOAM Map.
This is still under development but is operational for demo purposes. The FOAM mini dapp is currently available on iOS through TestFlight here -> The Alice Android app is currently in development but will definitely be available before the year end.

Hurdles, there were many. To allow developers to build ontop of Mapbox we utilize an open-source SDK -> During development, this SDK went through a massive overhaul and basically broke everything. We then had to redo some of the code, which is still a little buggy as you’ll experience in the current implementation. However, we are already working on a new version which is rendering POIs on average 70% quicker and abstracting away some of the complexities of using mapbox in React Native into an SDK which is more developer friendly.

This being our first community post, we would love to hear more from you guys about the experience of FOAM Mobile and are open to any ideas / feedback moving forward. Someone highlighted that FOAM Mobile would be huge for dPOL and I totally agree. Looking forward to hearing more. If anyone would like to get in touch more directly we created a community group for the Alice and FOAM collaboration here ->

Things to look forward to in the very near future are creating a Point of Interest on the FOAM Map from within Alice, receiving push notifications based on your Points of Interest being challenged. !