Announcing the Blockcities x FOAM Map Weekly Treasure Hunt


Update: New Control Board for the Scavenger Hunt:


In December of 2018, we collaborated with FOAM on the very first Scavenger Hunt featuring ten buildings from across the world.

The BlockCities x FOAM Scavenger Hunt is an interactive, virtual scavenger hunt that takes place on the FOAM point of interest map.

The BlockCities team has chosen one building from around the world and designed a limited edition CryptoCollectible in its fashion. The first person to identify the mystery building and place a corresponding point of interest on the FOAM map wins the collectible!

During the scavenger hunt, BlockCities will unveil architecture clues about the building that will provide hints to its history, location, and purpose. The hints will progress from vague and difficult to commonly known information about the building.

This effort is being led by @prestonattebery with smart contract assistance by @codyborn
We are very excited for this game to launch this Thursday. Unlike the Holiday Treasure hunt, this game will be fully automated from tweeting clues, watching for the correct point and issuing the NFT from an automated smart contract.

Rules and more information about participating will be posted shortly. Happy Mapping!


The Official Rules have been released. Note that a 100 FOAM deposit is required for this campaign:

  1. The Point of Interest must be placed on the FOAM POI map.

  2. The POI must be labeled according to the official name listed on Google Maps.

  3. The POI must be placed within 10 meters of the true building coordinates found on Google Maps.

  4. 100 FOAM token must be staked to the POI to qualify.


  1. BlockCities will release building clues start at 2PM EST on April 18th, 2019

  2. Clues will be released on Twitter and surfaced above (on

  3. Clues will be released every 60 minutes until the correct POI is placed.

  4. The winning address will be identified and announced on Twitter (@blockcities)

  5. The address associated with the correct POI will be sent the exclusive BlockCities collectible.

Remember to have fun! We know there may be disputes due to ambiguity and we will do our best to reduce the frequency of these. Please share your feedback with us to help make this game fun and fair for everyone.


We published a guide on how to participate:


Updated post with Control Board created by Blockcities. Great job @prestonattebery & @codyborn.



Next Scavenger Hunt Starts Today:


Congrats to the winner, which also looks to be a first time Cartographer! :world_map:
Seems to be some points that need to be curated after this hunt.


The Next Hunt is now live! :mag_right:

Check out the portal at


We have a winner!