Announcing the First Wave of Projects from the FOAM Grants Program


Foamspace is committed to building open and decentralized alternatives to current mapping and location positioning solutions. As part of that effort, a vibrant developer community that builds their own solutions using FOAM’s open-source standards and protocols is vital. Towards this, the FOAM Grants Program was announced in May and since then we have been collaborating and working through a number of proposals and today we are excited to announce the first wave, with more underway. These exciting projects leverage the FOAM protocol and API and bring web3 geospatial experiences to a new level. Each team will be sharing public updates, below are introductions to each project.


Alice is a crypto super app, a mobile application that acts as a platform for crypto applications to launch in mobile “mini dApps” that leverage push notifications from the phone. Alice’s goal is to provide the full mobile experience to FOAM users through a mini dapp inside its platform, the Alice Mobile Wallet. Along with the FOAM mini dapp included into Alice, the FOAM map will be an integral part of the Alice ecosystem, with FOAM’s TCR location data as the default map option for other applications building in the Alice mobile platform. Alice hopes to enhance this in the mobile realm as they see the potential of being able to develop on top of FOAM and Mapbox in Mobile as an attractive element for open source developers to build solutions at hackathons and add features to the FOAM map that are not available on the web but are available on mobile e.g. Augmented Reality through the Mapbox AR SDK.

Alice is led by Mark Pereira and Hao Fu more on the project can be found here - @markpereir

FOAM Party

FOAM Party is the world’s first decentralized autonomous verifiable location-based AR mobile game; a team based collaborative point-capture style game in which players use the FOAM Party Mobile App to interact with and move autonomous radio and internet connected FOAM Party Totems to any public location. The goal of FOAM Party is for players to “share the vibe” with teammates by capturing, moving and locking Totems around the Party Area to create the largest Rift Area.

FOAM Party Totems create a truly unique experience as they leverage decentralized protocols including FOAM to create a provably fair geospatial real life game. FOAM Party is the culmination of location-based cryptoeconomics, and autonomous IoT devices that together bring a novel and exciting gaming experience to players to ends that facilitate the growth of FOAM and also explore an entirely new market for decentralized autonomous blockchain powered device concepts and games. FOAM Party explores new primitives with Layer 2 State Channel Scaling through Connext Network and radio devices you can interact with based off of your Cartographer credentials.

FOAM Party is led by Marcus Hearne of Gatekeeper Network - @gatekeeper , follow him here

FOAM Tools - Web3 Enabled

The FOAM protocol functions independently of the FOAM Map dapp. Blocklytics has deployed FOAM Tools application built with the FOAM API to enhance the user experience of map validators. Next Blocklytics will develop web3 functionality for FOAM Tools so you can interact with the protocol in a new way. The FOAM Tools dapp complements the FOAM Map, the goal of the platform is to grow the validation side of the FOAM ecosystem by making the work of validators more efficient and growing income opportunities available to validators on the FOAM protocol. The FOAM Tools dapp will be faster and more convenient to use than the FOAM Map for validators (challengers and voters) as a one-stop destination for handling day-to-day validation activities and include:

  • Modern dapp UX practices, especially:
  • Login button (vs pop-up on site load)
  • Accurate gas limit estimates
  • Store voting seed phrase
  • Support for opt-in social layer (3Box)

Blocklytics is led by Caleb Sheridan - @foam_cs , to learn more visit

Interesting in building your own project on FOAM? Check out the new API examples to get started and reach out to discuss grant opportunities:


Glad to see dev participation in its nascency. Looking forward to these and more dev utilization of the FOAM protocol. Also, excited about further progress in dPOL R&D and implementation.


Foam party! This is exciting. Alice also seems like a good building block for PoL apps when it rolls out.