Another POL project Platin relevance to FOAM


Stumbled upon another project on location services on blockchain called Platin. Their whitepaper contains a section about differences between FOAM and their own system. Their criticism towards FOAM doesn’t seem fair to me. Has anyone else looked at this project? It seems to me they are just throwing together bunch of buzzwordy technologies and aim to capture partnerships early on while having nothing tangible to show. Their github is practically empty. Technically it looks like their proposed system is unreasonably complex compared to FOAM. I guess this project is not relevant and won’t deliver what their wp aims to.


I interviewed them on my podcast.

I broke the podcast down into two half hour episodes.

Part 1:

Part 2:

As far as recent news for their project; It is my understanding they may be doing some work on the EOS blockchain or possibly received a grant to do work on the EOS blockchain. You’d have to fact-check that.


I would add, I had a positive experience recording a podcast with them. I found the Platin founders knowledgeable and friendly. They spoke of their support of FOAM and other PoL projects and expressed a desire to work together in the PoL space as colleagues not competitors.

I believe that kind of relationship between PoL teams is possible. PoL has a high proportion of mature, intelligent and hardworking people focused on making real progress. I’d characterise the PoL teams I’ve interviewed so far (FOAM, Platin, Helium) as more likely to collaborate than criticise.

Everyone is making great strides here and there is so much “ground to cover” in these early days, there is plenty of room for all projects to have a positive impact.


i found some of the commentary in the platin whitepaper to be fluff and funny – especially in context with ‘competition’.

[fluff] They write Principal Platin Differentiators is the Platin team has “committed, tireless co-founders” :roll_eyes:

[funny] Under communications for XYO it’s labelled “hyped” versus Platin as “technical” lol.


thank you for doing this.

Trying to understand the difference in all of these protocols.
Primarily in contrast with proof of origin.


I’ll also add: I do not endorse any protocols. I have not inspected anyone’s code. I am not paid by anyone. I create my podcast for free.

Do your own research.


It’s super important that you’re doing this so early.
My intuition tells me that they all suffer from their own weaknesses, but you’ll hear from each one that their tech is rock solid, as they explain exploits in their competitors approach.

I’m trying to build an intuition around this because my research is pointing me to a solution that secures finality at the bound witness/beacon level.