Any news about the hardware?


My Goodness. Thank you!


Beta testers for your hardware in other countries? Where would you find some of them… :raising_hand_woman:t5::raising_hand_man:t4::heard_and_mc_donald_islands::new_zealand:


Awesome! Does this mean, that “PoL announcement mode” is coming soon? :heart_eyes_cat:


I also asked a week ago but didn’t get an answer.


Yeah, I don’t know why they wouldn’t answer that…let’s hope it’s because they are too busy working on POL :wink:


Yeah, the fact that they don’t even answer and update is worrying to say the least. Does not feel confortable as a stakeholder.


The Foamspace team has been hard at work finalizing the launch of the FOAM Map, which 1.0 version was finalized December 10th signifying the end of the initial use period.

2019 will be "full PoL announcement mode” and the bulk of our energy will be on dPoL. Stay tuned for updates on the work that was accomplished in 2018.

Special hardware teaser for Discourse 👀

Don’t overreact. They did a great job so far. I’m not worried at all as a stakeholder. I love FOAM, the concept, the design, everything.


Thanks for answering @Ryan_foam

I think there is a misunderstanding here. We all know without a doubt that the team has been hard at work to launch the first version of the map. And we are very happy about the results so far so thank you.

However, this has nothing to do with the fact that it’s hard, not to say impossible, for a stakeholder to have any clue/understanding to where FOAM is regarding the dPOL and hardware aspect. If this wasn’t your focus and you didn’t work on it yet, not a problem just let people know. Otherwise, at least inform people on when can we expect some info and what type of info.

As a feedback I would say that there are improvements guys but it is still very unclear what is the roadmap. For example, The team said after the launch of signaling there will be 2 main areas of focus : 1) mapathon/extrinsic incentives and 2) Hardware testing

We have no way as stakeholders to know what to expect and when. The community put themselves in your shoes as a team busy to build the protocol, I would suggest you also put yourselves in the shoes of your stakeholders that have no way to know what’s going to happen and when, even if they trust you and know you are busy building, it’s never great to be in the dark when one is involved in a project.


Not overreacting, TRUST is the most important thing in any relationship, whether personal or business, crypto or any other industry. It’s the most difficult thing to build in a relationship and incredibly important to build it and it has to be constantly nurtured to build win win relationships.

Saying we all love FOAM like you do and honest feedback os overracting will not help in achieving FOAM’s vision and driving adoption.


I think the team has been pretty true to the timeline laid out in the Token Foundry sale page and keeps delivering and will continue to for the next stage of the project. Its the end of the year and everything launched, I would relax.


Thanks for your feedback. We have been working on dPoL and will announce more in the new year.


what do you mean in the new year?


Same question.

Couldn’t find any relevant info or roadmap anywhere.



I will wait for the roadmap then to see if I’m interested to participate and if you have serious plans for community buildings


Here is a behind the scenes look of the LoRa Radios in action: :face_with_monocle:

For more progress on things in development, tune in to the Bi-Weekly Community Call ! :phone:

Ask any questions you have and sign up for the community call this Thursday (12PM EST) here :

You can also add the event to your calendar by signing up here :


:fire: Here’s a picture of the GeoPIckle mentioned


Our next community call is coming up this Thur. 2/21 at 12PM est.

We’ll be talking about Dynamic Proof of Location and The GeoPickle - a testing rig consisting of Raspberry Pis and servers that acts as the first real world simulation of zone anchors.

Join us to learn why this is big step forward for DPOL:


Couldn’t wait. Bought myself a LoRa server and client and set it up today. It came configured to use frequency 868. Just for fun I reprogrammed it to communicate using 915. This video shows the client and server talking for first time using frequency 868, then I changed it to 915 and they starting to talk again. V. cool.

Then a helper plugged the client into their car charger and drove away with it in the car and they kept talking to each other. Will do more tests tomorrow to see how far away we can get and still receive signal.