Any news about the hardware?


Here is a behind the scenes look of the LoRa Radios in action: :face_with_monocle:

For more progress on things in development, tune in to the Bi-Weekly Community Call ! :phone:

Ask any questions you have and sign up for the community call this Thursday (12PM EST) here :

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:fire: Here’s a picture of the GeoPIckle mentioned


Our next community call is coming up this Thur. 2/21 at 12PM est.

We’ll be talking about Dynamic Proof of Location and The GeoPickle - a testing rig consisting of Raspberry Pis and servers that acts as the first real world simulation of zone anchors.

Join us to learn why this is big step forward for DPOL:


Couldn’t wait. Bought myself a LoRa server and client and set it up today. It came configured to use frequency 868. Just for fun I reprogrammed it to communicate using 915. This video shows the client and server talking for first time using frequency 868, then I changed it to 915 and they starting to talk again. V. cool.

Then a helper plugged the client into their car charger and drove away with it in the car and they kept talking to each other. Will do more tests tomorrow to see how far away we can get and still receive signal.