Asset card - breakdown structure of my assets


Currently I can’t see clearly what my total amount of FOAM is and where it came from. One part is shown in the paired address while the other is tied up in the POIs shown in the asset card. I cant see how my FOAM is broken down into; staked in POI, voting rewards, challenge rewards, etc. What is also confusing is how the approved funds relate the the total amount of FOAM.

What would help is a clear breakdown structure, starting from the total amount of FOAM that a user has. Approved funds, and funds locked in votes could be shown as ‘budget neutral’ since they don’t affect the total amount. Voting and challenge rewards could be shown positive/negative figures with a breakdown to each win/loss.


Thank you for the feedback! I’ll bring this up to the design team and see if we can work on incorporating your suggestions, we’re always open to listening to ways to improve the UX of the FOAM Map!