BlockCities, Architecture NFTs, Launches Tomorrow


Hey all! Per the request of @Ryan_foam, I’m writing you about launching BlockCities on Mainnet tomorrow!

More details here:

If you remember, over the holiday season, we did a BlockCities X FOAM scavenger hunt. The winner got a BlockCities NFT. I’m happy to share, we’ll be doing a lot more scavenger hunts in the future!

In the meantime, tomorrow we are launching the BlockCities “Founder” Collection–the very first set of architecture collectibles featuring buildings from Atlanta, New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

On day one you’ll be able to build generative buildings, collect the “Classics,” and score super limited Special Editions. In the coming months, we plan to add more buildings, more cities, and more FOAM x BlockCities functionality.

Taking a look at BlockCities… what functionality would you like to see added to the FOAM map or what FOAM x BlockCities experiences would you like to see?

Cheers! Speak soon,


Congrats on the launch Preston! The Foamspace team is very excited for Blockcities. Also amazing work on this teaser video!


A very cool implementation. It feels like it could catch the fancy of a much wider audience. Congrats on the launch!


Congratulations on the mainnet launch. I will definitely be giving Blockcities a try. My daughter, who’s fond of creating with Roblox will probably love this as well.


nice work! Would love to see these real buildings connected to PoIs and show up on the map


We’re working on that exactly!