BlockCities x FOAM Release 1


As part of our FOAM Token Grant announced here, we’ve launched mini FOAM Maps on BlockCities.

On every “Classic” building profile, you’ll find a mini map showing the building on street where it is in the “real” world.

Building data and Proof of Location is provided by the FOAM API with Mapbox providing rich 3D building models, street data, and visuals. You can zoom out, pan left and right, and overall get a feel for the neighborhood! Each building links directly the Point of Interest on the FOAM map.

We added many of the FOAM Map POIs related to the Classic buildings, but anyone in the future can add beforehand to have the Classic on all BlockCities profiles associated with their POI on the FOAM Map.

To celebrate, we put together a collection of recent “Classics” built by the community! You can browse through the classics and view the mini maps here:

Next, we’re launching:

  • mini maps for past Scavenger Hunt buildings
  • BlockCities Game Map featuring all Classics and Scavenger Hunt buildings
  • Season 1 of BlockCities Scavenger Hunts

Also, thanks for Caleb & Miha from Blocklytics on help for this release! Cheers!


nice. everything is looking good


Congrats, super excited!