Blockcities x FOAM Scavenger Hunt is back!


We’re thrilled for another adventurous scavenger hunt with Blockcities. This time the treasure hunting will take place for 3 consecutive weekends followed a climax for Xmas week :santa: Mark your calendars for these v important dates :spiral_calendar::

*Nov 23-24

*Nov 30- Dec 1

*Dec 7-8

*Dec 23-27

Each weekend, Blockcities will release hints pertaining to a hidden building somewhere in the world. The first person to guess the correct building add a corresponding Point of Interest to the FOAM Map, wins :trophy:

Check out the brand new game website here!

Looking forward to another competitive scavenging season! More details and rules info coming shortly :sunglasses::fire:


Blockcities also built this beautiful page, where you can see all collectibles/prizes from the previous hunts in one place.


Hi All,

The Blockcities Scavenger Hunt has started! :crossed_swords:

The first few hints are out. You can find them on twitter @blockcitieshunt

The detailed rules were published in a blog post here:

I’m so excited about a new series of unique architectural collectibles.

Happy Hunting!