Bochsler Finance et Associés SA


In the registration file of companies in Switzerland, this company is registered at exactly this address. POI is correct.
Of course you can also give the physical location of the company the same name and thus have 2 legitimate POIs


Could you provide a link to the registration file of companies indicating this?

Also if one were to follow the map and goes to Gotthardstrasse 26, 6300 Zug, Switzerland, what would one find in that location - the office of Bochsler Finance et Associés SA, or the law firm where the company is registered?


Many companies have a registered headquarters and other locations.
When we send a letter to the registered address, it will also arrive at the company.
It would have been more useful to add the other POI to make the map better than to challenge a correctly created POI.
And in the financial business, transparency is the most important thing for customers. Therefore, it would be very important to me to know how this company is positioned and where the roots have grown together everywhere.

Yes, now we have the situation that someone has manipulated my challanges with unchecked links.
See here: Santa Maria d'Arenys
And asked me why I did not challenge for 50 token. So here are class differences noticeable.

That’s why some people on this side of the ecosystem know better than others.
I will not provide the link, but look if you can find it yourself. It’s a pity that it’s not difficult at all.


Ok, since you did not seem to have found it, but I hoped you could do it, here I show a screenshot from the commercial register


I am extremely surprised that this challenge failed.

That’s like someone asking you for your address and you give them the address of the registry of birth!




So the purpose of a map is for sending letter to the correct address … hmmm


Come on really?
The Fakt is the POI is correct, nothing is wrong there.