Bologna on the FOAM Map


Cartographers - I highly suggest you check out Bologna, Italy on the FOAM Map if you haven’t already. This small city in Italy’s Emilia Romanga region is home to some of the more creative POIs that I’ve seen across the entire FOAM Map.

Visit Bologna

One cartographer has added several POIs about “secret locations” throughout the city. These points tell a story of Bologna’s geographical history that probably can’t be found in guide books - from landmarks of the middle-age cannabis trade, to the birthplace of a radio technology pioneer and nobel laureate.


It’s cool to see how in the early stages of POI registration in a city, often times the points registered show off the knowledge of individuals who really know the places they are mapping. When incentives are on the line, it seems like cartographers lean towards POIs they know personally.

I also think that the FOAM Map acts as a sort of isolated cartographical community. The same way that you would feel more incentivized to recommend personalized locations to a friend, versus a stranger over google maps, FOAM Map users sometimes like to share places that are more meaningful to them if they know that ultimately they are being discovered by someone else in the community.

Have you seen this phenomenon happen in other places across the FOAM Map?

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Super interesting to incentivize communities around meaningful POIs in specific categories. I’ve been mapping rooftop access points in cities and not so sure they’re suited for POIs on foam’s base map. I’m sure there are more people with collections of ‘secret’ POIs or interest in community-specific POI sub-categories.


i love POIs that give the FOAM map a unique value.


While not an immediate priority for the Foamspace Team, we encourage anyone to experiment and build with a different base map, for example one optimized for scouting roof access


Great that you guys discovered it, was hiding there for a while :wink:


Great job @ntotao! Pretty cool descriptions, I’ve been spending the past hour looking through them.


I like your thought about rooftop access points, it reminds me of something that was happening in LA several years ago with people having issues accessing Malibu beaches.


I’m thinking about an Atlas Obscura Foam porting right now! :star_struck: