Boost point of interest


Hi. If i boost an POI i cannot lose my tokens after right?
The POI then will already be verified and there cannot be voted anymore?


Hey @Daneman, Verified POIs can still be challenged, so yes you may be able to lose your tokens from a challenge.

I’d recommend waiting for Signalling to launch to be able to use your FOAM Tokens without risk of losing them.


when will signalling launch? I remember it was promised to be there before potential token unlock? Which is in 2 days?

Sorry to ask this here. but it seems not easy finding crucial information, we now have a telegram announcement channel, a telegram channel turned to another announcement channel, this, medium from FOAM, medium from ryan john king. Would love to have a single place to keep up to date.


you trolling?
Medium from FOAM = Medium From Ryan John King lol.

It’s always been this “messy” way just that now there’s no telegram chat. Announcements are made on all platforms if any. But there hasn’t been much recently …

I’ve been waiting for signalling launch too don’t know when that will be. There hasn’t been any updates from the team. @arthur @Daryl_Foam maybe you can help clarify on things or let us know on progress?


no I’m not trolling. What I meant was that you have to check both Ryans and the Foam Medium to see if there is news on one of them, in addition to the other places. Announcements here, two telegram channels, email news…

In general, as much as I like what I see on the actual development side (adding POI’s was less clunky and worked better then i expected for example, maps looks sleek etc.): I feel the communication is severely lacking, and shutting down the telegram doesn’t help there. The last minute delay in unlocking (i completely understand the delay - just dislike the communication being made so late). Then there are apparently sponsored tweets on twitter - what are they for in the current stage?

Please, FOAM Team, work on that. Communicate clearly and early. There are contradicting statements currently - it was said that Signaling will be available before Token unlock - now I read here that it is postponed to december. So, unlock also later, or unlock - contrary to what was said before - without signaling? what’s going on? And no, I don’t want to sell any time soon - but nonetheless I like to know what is going on and have control over my tokens myself, without risking 25% of them by staking in an early phase for example.

This may be to harsh of a criticism, idk, but thats how I feel. Posting this again, after not seeing my first post - I hope the move was not in an intent to filter out unwanted criticism…
Edit: It wasn’t, now it shows up - weird. Got a message that a moderator had to check my comment the first time.


The rollout of signaling has been put on temporary pause due to the unforeseen inability of our smart contract auditor to complete its audit of our smart contract. After several delays, late yesterday we were informed that our smart contract auditors are, due to internal reasons, unable to fulfill their auditing contract with us. Please note: The auditor’s inability to complete its audit has nothing to do with Foamspace or the integrity of our smart contract.

Foamspace is committed to using strong security practices when deploying smart contracts that will interact with the tokens of purchasers. It goes against these security practices to launch the signaling portion of our protocol without necessary auditing, resulting in another delay of both signaling and an extension of the initial use period deadline. This is a frustrating and disappointing development for FOAM, as the contracts and front end work has been completed.

To help us get this resolved as soon as possible we have started a contract with another auditor. We will return with an official statement regarding a new deadline as soon as possible.

We will be posting this update every where, thanks for your patience.


thanks for the reply. I don’t mind the delays at all, and I think waiting for professional external audits, whoever may do them, is the only way to go here.

It’s just the communication where I do have my gripes (and the late announcements are just a part of that, as outlined above). But I guess thats the wrong thread for that.


Thanks for your feedback. The team has been hard at work completing the 1.0 release of the FOAM Map and attending workshops, conferences and training sessions at the Web3 Summit and Ethereum DevCon4 the past 2 weeks while we also regroup and reorganize our team and strategy post-token sale. We will continue to scale our efforts and contribute to the growth of FOAM.

However, in this particular case we are equally as frustrated waiting for updates on the audit and then to ultimately learn it could not be complete. We made an announcement as soon as we could.