Bug trying to reveal Votes


I inadvertently voted on a challenge twice. When I come to reveal my vote neither of the reveal phrases are valid, they turn red and the reveal vote button is not active. No error message.

After sending an email support Daryl tells me that the 2nd vote should override the first and that he cannot help without the transaction hash of the vote which I didn’t keep. Seems to me like this is a bug.

I suggest Foam update their instructions to the community telling people to retain not just the reveal code but the transaction hash, if indeed that’s what is needed to troubleshoot bugs.

Lastly is there a bug reporting procedure??


Is this re : Voting Twice overrides the first or is it the transaction hash missing which is an issue?
If its the former, it’s definitely a feature, Voting twice but would result in the latest transaction being overwritten.
If its the later, the developers require the Voting Transaction ID in order to figure out what happened exactly and what went wrong. Providing the transaction hash would allow us to better help you solve the issue.

We’ll take this into consideration and will definitely make efforts to reduce user friction. Thanks for the feedback, we understand salts are tedious and that storing them and remembering what they are is less than ideal. The developers are exploring storing the Salt Phrase in Local Storage in order to prevent loss of Salt phrase which is a common issue for most users.

To report bugs just send an email in to support@foam.space, there’s no exact reporting feature right now as most users have different specific bugs they face (ie. POIs not appearing, POU not Complete, Reveal Phrase Failed). You can also search around the forum for issues in case it’s happened before to some users and see if it’s been solved before and if those fixes work for you.


Thanks for the reply.

As explained in my initial email to support, neither of the reveal codes are accepted. I could give you a bunch of transaction hashes around the time/date I did it by looking back at my wallet address, does that help?


Sure that would be great, just reply to the email thread and I’ll take a further look at it.