Can FOAM work in outerspace with spacecrafts to map space?


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This was a pretty cool question to consider for me personally,

Says that previously to Map Mars’ Terrain NASA had to send their own robot to space to map it as well on the ground and not via GPS or anything else.

2001 Mars Odyssey, the robotic spacecraft that has orbited Mars since October of that year, provides spatial data on the planet’s surface.

As part of its mission to explore the red planet and locate any signs that it may have once supported life, the or biter collects geological details and transmits images of surface minerals for more extensive analysis.

To accomplish these objectives, NASA equipped the Odyssey with a camera called the Thermal Emission Imaging System (THEMIS). This system maps the surface, both capturing images in the visible spectrum and detecting thermal energy in wavelengths that are undetectable by the human eye.

If by FOAM you mean the Dynamic Proof of Location Protocol part of it, it operates through sending LWPAN Radio waves via putting up some beacons and setting up a "Zone’

If you want to read more on how that works you can check out the latest blog post on a new series called "The Anatomy of a Zone"

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I don’t claim to be an expert on Space but from a quick google search, Radio waves can be transmitted through space so theoretically it could work. However there would need to be a Beacons installed in said Planet ( I assume you meant mapping space => Mapping another planet) which I don’t think it is both feasible in terms of logistics or cost nor is this the goal of the FOAM Protocol.

However if anyone wants to send a Beacon up to space by all means ! :wink:


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The problem with exploring space is that it’s really hard to keep your bearings when you’re entirely surrounded by nothingness.

While here on Earth, we’ve built a series of satellites that can talk to a computer in order to help it triangulate its position at all times, similar techniques don’t work beyond our own world