Cannot see my POI on the map , but dashboard says 1 POI in Blue


I created 2 POI.s recently after the sorting updates to the maps, But i cannot see one POI where is staked 1000 tokens. What do i do now ? I checked sorting options and everything else is fine. Can a duplicate name cause this issue ?


Please send in private message the details of this point so we can look it up for you on our back end and investigate. Thanks!


Cannot see this POI on foam maps created after the last update. Dashboard says 1 POI in blue

Name : Infant Jesus Church
Coordinates - 12.882 74.868
Staked: 1000 Foam
Address: House No. # 3-13-1246, Carmel Hill, St. Joseph’s Monastery, Kulshekar Post, Mangaluru, Karnataka 575005, India


Hey Aeonwise! Do you happen to have the listing hash of the POI and would you mind sending that in to


Hi Dylan sent you the hash in your mail did u receive it ?


Hey @aeonwise I can’t seem to find the email, did you send it in to ? Would you mind sending it in again? Please and thank you!