Cartographer Badge Test Release


With the launch of the leaderboard and the 3box social profile integration, we are thinking of different ways to further gamify the process and increase incentives for Point Creation on the FOAM Map, a topic long debated here on Discourse [ 1 2 3 ].

Today, we are doing a first trial rollout of a unique badge that will be awarded to Cartographers to commemorate their achievements and accomplishments. The results and community feedback of this test will serve as a base for further iterations with incentives. Our long term vision is a more full fledged system that encompasses social profiles, leaderboard & NFTs. As previously, we will share the results.

FOAM Map Cartographer Badges
This badge type is awarded to users who complete a task or are the top of a specific leaderboard.

The first NFT Badge for this Trial will be a NFT Badge to the Top Cartographer for the month who has listed the most Points of Interests (POIs) on the Map. The NFT badge will be minted at the 1st of May to the leader of the leaderboard for most points added during April.

1 NFT will be minted to the Top Address for most points listed / month on

If there is are multiple addresses with the same number of points added, we will sort by challenges and then votes to decide a winner.

The badges will be NFTs, each with a unique description and mention the cartographer it was awarded to.


After the introduction of Social profiles on the Leaderboard, users will have their badges displayed on their 3Box profile for everyone to see.

Like the idea? Thought of a great badge idea ? Let us know!
Looking forward to your comments!


I think a “Centurion” Badge would be pretty cool. A badge to commemorate 100 POIs listed.


I like your idea. We can also introduce tiers.

Here is an example from Blockcities. It has a similar direction.


Is there a way that the badges can be visible also on discourse? that will give them even more exposure and “power” to the badges. You will be able to see who is who on the forum and also gain credibility on the threads by wearing your badges here :slight_smile:


Agreed! Will get back on this idea.

I am not sure how to simply do that in discourse, however have you seen:

Since 3Box identity already supports NFTs maybe challenge discussions can move to their new comments tool where identity and badges would be seen


Great suggestion! We probably need to test a couple of things to make it as displayable roles/titles but it should be possible.

Btw, Discourse has native badges which you can already check out here: username/badges

For example mine


But the discourse ones are not related to my activity on Foam Map but on Foam Discourse, completely different thing


We previously internally discussed overlap between the discourse badge system and NFT badges. Encouraged by this community interest, now looking into it deeper. Will share findings when I have some more.


Current state of the leaderboard! @cryptozen already going in strong, 11 days into April.


Looks like someone has a similar idea!


Congratulations @cryptozen as the #1 Cartographer of April and winning the first ever FOAM Map Badge!

Stay tuned for the May badge campaign and more.


The badge has been minted and can be seen on OpenSea :globe_with_meridians:


Special thanks to our friends at Mintable and OpenSea for helping us out in the set up of this Cartographer Badge Test Run!

Couldn’t have done it without their help. :raised_hands:t2:


@Cryptozen will also receive a special badge minted on Discourse that can be used as Title. Thanks @Zyndar for the suggestion!


Will you be sending the NFT badge to my Metamask wallet?


Hi @cryptozen nicely done for the first badge! The NFT is already in the wallet address that is listed on the leaderboard, you can see it live now on OpenSea:


Thanks Ryan. I see it now w/ OpenSea but not with 3Box yet.


Will talk to the team and check on it!


After a successful first mint at the start of this month we will mint another round of badges at the 1st of June.

1st place medal Cartographer of the Month

We will continue to award the Cartographer with the most added verified POIs within a calendar month. Currently @yepyep is leading!

Introducing Community Badges!

We want to reward the special community members who have been with us here on Discourse and have contributed more than their fair share of time to the FOAM community. This Badges will be awarded both on Discourse as well as on their respective Metamask Addresses.

These badges should be geared towards the Community Members who not only have used the FOAM Map but have also contributed to discussions around them.

What type of badges would you want to see? Let us know in the comments!


Looks like @AAbranches is going for the May badge with a burst :church:

Reminder that we will mint the monthly cartographer badge :medal_sports: on 1st of June + a number of new community badges :sparkles:.

Screenshots from the soon to be released curation tool by @foam_cs