Cartographer Badge Test Release


This months winner of the monthly cartographer Badge is @AAbranches Congratulations! Thank you for your contributions to the FOAM Map and efforts mapping out churches.

The badge will be minted and delivered to their address and viewable on OpenSea and any wallet that supports collectibles likeTrust wallet, imToken

The Cartographer Badge Test Release will continue for June with new categories beyond top Cartographer towards a full badge and achievement system. Please share any ideas foe categories.

The FOAM Cartographer Tools that have been previewed by @foam_cs are scheduled for a beta release next week. Along side curator and voting tools, user profiles will display FOAM Badges and associated NFTs.


The badge has been minted and can be seen on OpenSea :globe_with_meridians:


Congrats @AAbranches!


Thank you. We should meet up since we both seem to be interested in the FOAM protocol.


Update for this months cartographer of the month badge:

AAbranches is leading again, followed by anonymous user 0x8d95401c62a2b53d08da37ed53255c727e266e23


In case you missed it, the leaderboard has been integrated into


The all-time leader and the top cartographer of the month @AAbranches is getting awarded the FOAM Map June Badge!

The badge is viewable on OpenSea and recently released in cartographer’s profile.

Please stay tuned for the new categories of badges to be announced soon.




Congratulations to @AAbranches. The badge has been minted and can be seen on OpenSea :globe_with_meridians: , 3Box , FOAM Tools etc :slight_smile: