Cartographer Tools - Development Preview


As a followup to the last community call, below is some of the development progress on the Cartographer Tools. The recent challenges have been especially exciting to watch happen live using the development version.

Overview of challenges in the reveal period

Detail view of a challenge during the reveal period

Another detail view of a challenge during the reveal period

Note the “Challenger” tag to help identify the account that started the challenge.

Completed challenge


Cartographer Badge Test Release

Looks like Meatwork Butchery lives to fight another day :grinning:

Will the above be available for all FOAM Map users?


Yes - working on making this available as soon as possible.


Great work as always Caleb. The Map previews look amazing.


Looks great Caleb! Can’t wait to see it live


The tools are progressing. I look forward to releasing a public version for the community to use for validation activities. In the mean time, here are some previews below. :world_map:

Points page

Filter by state & order by stake or age of point.

Challenges page

View summary of votes for active challenges, plus results of recently ended challenges.

Cartographers page

Very similar to the Map Leaderboard :slight_smile:

Cartographer Profile, with info from 3Box

Provides info about a Cartographer from their 3Box profile (if the user has opted in), summary statistics and a timeline of map activity.

Challenge Detail, Voting Underway

Shows the challenge reason and a list of votes committed, including tags to identify the “Challenger” and “Owner”.

Challenge Detail, Reveal Underway

Updates as votes are revealed to show which cartographers voted for which outcomes and a summary of the results so far.