Cartographer Tools - Released at


The Cartographer Tools are now available at

The Cartographer Tools are designed to help validators with voting and challenge decisions. The Cartographer Tools complement the FOAM Map and display information differently than the main map to help cartographers make more efficient decisions on challenges.

  • Explore all points, filter by state, sort by stake and see a full history of each point.
  • Explore challenges with a visually rich layout and see a breakdown of votes and voters.
  • Explore cartographers with 3Box profiles, plus a timeline of their FOAM Map activity.

The thought processes and learnings the community shared were an important part of creating these tools. Thanks to @GeoPeter for the thread on forensic research and @foamspacer / @ainsleysutherland’s challenge summary threads.

Please post any feedback, suggestions and bugs about the tools here so they can continue to be improved.


Four items that especially caught my eye while working on this:


Great work @foam_cs.

Very excited for the community sharing other things found using the tools!


Great job Caleb. Quick thought. Another nice feature for this website can be “value on the map”. This page will show the dynamic # of FOAM tokens - and corresponding $$ value - staked (POI & dPOL eventually), signaled, and votes/challenges on the map. Sort of like this page for DeFi:

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