Cartographer Tools - Released at


The Cartographer Tools are now available at

The Cartographer Tools are designed to help validators with voting and challenge decisions. The Cartographer Tools complement the FOAM Map and display information differently than the main map to help cartographers make more efficient decisions on challenges.

  • Explore all points, filter by state, sort by stake and see a full history of each point.
  • Explore challenges with a visually rich layout and see a breakdown of votes and voters.
  • Explore cartographers with 3Box profiles, plus a timeline of their FOAM Map activity.

The thought processes and learnings the community shared were an important part of creating these tools. Thanks to @GeoPeter for the thread on forensic research and @foamspacer / @ainsleysutherland’s challenge summary threads.

Please post any feedback, suggestions and bugs about the tools here so they can continue to be improved.


Four items that especially caught my eye while working on this:


Great work @foam_cs.

Very excited for the community sharing other things found using the tools!


Great job Caleb. Quick thought. Another nice feature for this website can be “value on the map”. This page will show the dynamic # of FOAM tokens - and corresponding $$ value - staked (POI & dPOL eventually), signaled, and votes/challenges on the map. Sort of like this page for DeFi:

FOAM Tools Suggestions

Hello Caleb @foam_cs

I do hope you are doing very well. First of all I would like to say thank you for the latest improvement of foam tools, you’ve done a fantastic job iterating the tools. This last version is very cool and provide much more useful info than before which is great.

Regarding our previous discussion on FOAM lack of usage and growth and absence of a strategic consistent go to market strategy, I personally find it very useful to be able to see in the activity tab the activity on the map decreasing more and more. I think this is important because people using FOAM tools can have a clear understanding of actual usage without being biased by cumulative numbers/charts. More specifically I do think this is important for the founding team so that they focus on what matters which is to build something WHICH IS USED and that it’s their responsibility to GROW the protocol usage to build MOMENTUM. Only then a community can exist and take the protocol to another level.

That being said, I do think a monthly unique active cartographers chart/tab would be useful to have a clear understanding on how many unique cartographers participate to the map each month with a way to compare it to previous months.

If FOAM users on this forum want the protocol to be widely used worldwide and if this is truly the vision and motive of the founding team then this metric is one of the most important ones to track.

Even better but maybe I’m asking too much would be to know how many of the monthly active users are returning (retention) or new (acquisition). This would be awesome because these numbers tells a whole story.

By the way, I would like to mention that the number unique cartographers is quite misleading as it doesn’t say anything relevant. If someone added POIs last year removed them and never came back and doesn’t care about FOAM he will be counted. Also the POU requirement make this number not quite relevant. Of course showing active users will show a much less important number but it will be relevant and helpful to focus on usage. Unique accounts is like showing number of downloads for an app or number of account registered.

Thanks for your understanding and professionalism. It’s nice to have someone like you open to feedback and always willing to hear what people have to say to improve your product wisely.

Hope to hear back from you.

Thanks Caleb and thanks again !


You’re quick. I just came to post that there are some new stats on the website.

  • New points, removed points and challenges by day
  • Point outcomes diagram
  • Challenge speed vs stake
  • Staked tokens over time

Users would be a nice addition to the Activity charts. I am considering how to include and define them. For example:

  • Active - interacted with contracts today
  • Inactive - did not interact with contracts today but have some stake in the map like a point, signal, unclaimed rewards, etc.
  • Holders - accounts with non-zero FOAM token balances


As mentioned in this post, we are turning FOAM Tools into a Web3 application so map validators can interact with the map and their profiles directly.

There are three major milestones:

  1. Wallet login, balance/avatar display and account page.
  2. FOAM validator actions (challenge, vote, etc).
  3. 3Box profile editing.

For today’s update, I am sharing some screen shots of testing the wallet login and balance/avatar display. This is the foundation to show personalised information and enable interactions. You will see this update on FOAM Tools when we add some more functionality which uses the Web3 feature.

Happy to answer any questions or take suggestions. Kind regards


Very nice, thank you!
Good Job :+1:


Excellent work Caleb.


:wave: Today’s update is about profiles

FOAM user profiles now support more collectibles with a dedicated section. In addition to FOAM Map Cartographer Badges, profiles now also display BlockCities buildings and scavenger hunt prizes owned by each account.

This upgrade is mainly aesthetic, but also provides a better foundation for managing 3Box profiles directly from FOAM Tools in the future.

The new version of profiles are live now. If something doesn’t look right on your profile or device, please let me know.


my buildings lookin good


Hi, there are no tangible updates this week. Next week we plan to demo the account page & “claim rewards” actions.


This week I’m happy to share development status on the Account page. The page shows balances and unclaimed rewards after logging in with MetaMask.

The balances section includes all token balances, including those staked in points, signals and the voting contract. We are continuing to work on the “claim rewards” interaction.


I’m happy to report today that we were able to claim voting rewards from a development version of FOAM Tools. We are holding back a release until there is a bit more to do and see after login. This also gives us additional time to test.

This is a good point to reach – it is the foundation for building the other interactions FOAM Tools will support. Some will be easy/fast (e.g. verify point) and others require more effort (e.g. handling vote reveal phrases). We are planning the order and specific details for implementation now.


I’ve deployed a small update to improve the user experience.

Most of the content on FOAM Tools is user-generated. Generally the content has been reasonable but more recently offensive. I will be censoring offensive content. Any content censored will be clearly identified. You have the option to bypass the censor if you drill into the point detail page.

This solution avoids exposing users to offensive material while allowing the normal, robust curation process to take place.


Hello, small update towards the broader goal of having Web3 interactions in the site.

There is now a “Connect” button which allows you to connect with your selected browser and wallet.

:bug:Bug reports -> in case login does not work for you, please dm me your browser/os/wallet combination. For example, Brave’s native wallet on Mac requires connecting and then refreshing to work.


Happy New Year,

We deployed an update to profiles with the help of the 3Box team. You can (finally) edit your 3Box profile directly from FOAM Tools, including uploading an avatar to IPFS and verifying your twitter account.

We skipped ahead to deliver this functionality considering significant delays in completing the Web3 functionality. We are working on the next releases.

Quickly access your profile by connecting & tapping your avatar in the site header.

Users without a 3Box profile may create a profile


Users with existing 3Box profiles may edit their profile


For some reason on my profile, sometime yesterday, it stopped listen the name of the points and just says “Added point”. Is that intentional?


Looks to be displaying the names of the points correctly now, may have been a hiccup in the FOAM tools API cc @foam_cs

#20 has been updated to allow connected users to interact directly with the map. You can use FOAM Tools to challenge, verify and remove points.

You can also connect using mobile and access FOAM Map features from your preferred mobile wallet.

For now, votes and reveals should still be completed on the FOAM Map.

Please let me know if you run into any bugs or have any feedback.

Kind regards,