Cartographers incentive to add POIs?


I’ve read through the Whitepaper and FAQs on the site so I hoping someone can help a non-tech minded person like myself. Can someone confirm again the incentive for a cartographer to add POIs? Is the thought in the future if a Signal or some other mechanism uses your POI as an “anchor” you would receive tokens? My concept is probably completely botched so please feel free to correct me.

I only bring this up because in the short term it is very clear how challenges create token but not so much for cartographers. I 1000% agree with this concept of challenge incentives to drive an accurate map but hate to see just Debaters and not Creators in this space. Thoughts?




Thanks for your question. Incentives range from wanting to contribute to an open source effort like OpenStreetMap, or even closed source like Waze or Google Maps to having a stake in the protocol and valuable data set as it builds up as well as governance rights, which are absent in other open mapping efforts. You can see this recent thread with a similar discussion that also touches on challenges of automatic inflation for points and rewards for points when used by applications:

Also these articles:


I agree there are a few concepts in the white-paper that take time to absorb. While POI’s were a requirement for the initial demonstration of Proof of Use; you can also create a Signal that will meet the same task today.

I believe that we will find that early curation of the FOAM map will create an inherited legitimacy for POI’s and Signals and in the case of the Signals, the stated use will lend a weight of both tokens+age to the algorithm which means that early adopters who studied the use of Signals will be recognized in the future.

The actual dynamics of POI’s in relation to SIgnal’s and Zone Anchor’s still remains to be seen. I would suggest you study this carefully. We are in a lull of a crypto-winter. When the hardware for Zone Anchors is available, you will see a renewed interest in FOAM. Look at this time as an opportunity to practice with FOAM before it gets busy. The current market for FOAM is in a low volume phase.

There is a cost of doing business, and stakeholders, exercising their prerogative with FOAM tokens is necessary and needful. While the benefit seems cloudy today, learn to use FOAM; so when the community governance in the future extends the smart contracts to provide the incentives that all stakeholders require you will be ready to collaborate amongst your peers.


To a cartographer that that enjoys registering static POI’s and curates so diligently that they put all their foam tokens at stake over a broad number of points that give color to the map and provide valuable lists for the community to use…

What options does or will the cartographer have to withdraw and use their FOAM tokens at a future date without having their action lead to the delisting of the POI’s that may or may not be used by dapps grown somewhat dependent on those curated lists?

Or am I thinking about it incorrectly? What is the more in line scope of vision and/or alternatives to move tokens without disturbing the map?



Also, do I recall reading correctly somewhere that there will be a FOAM hackathon coming up in May? Does it assist those to be involved to have a greater number of robust sets of curated lists available of static POI’s on the map to select from for their projects of choice?