Challenge Spotted : Shanghai


Some high stake challenges happening now in Shanghai!

34,000 FOAM on the line over the Shanghai Tower, Grand Theater, and Pearl Tower.

Notice how the challenger took the time to explain fully their reasoning for challenging this point, remember clearly explaining why you’ve challenged the Point is important for cartographers to vote on whether it belongs to the map or not!

Check out the Challenges and their Reasons here :

Shanghai Tower

Shanghai Grand Theatre

Oriental Pearl Tower


All three points will be rejected. There were a lot of votes cast – Shanghai Tower 250k; Shanghai Grand Theatre 175k; and Oriental Pearl Tower 135k. Many challenges do not reach 1% as many votes.


Challenging bad POIs is both nice to the value of the map and for me. Feels good to be rewarded not only with Foam but also with the recognition of doing the right thing.

The number of votes and this post are really rewarding for the ones like me who are checking the map reviweing POIs

Thanks! :slight_smile: