Challenges in Girona, Spain


Hello fellow Cartographers,

I have noticed a number of large challenges in Girona, Spain.

The DIA club has recently survived a challenge. What do you think of the rest? There is still time to vote. Some examples:

Taverna de l’àngel
Again no website nor phone number for a POI that is a POIN of INTEREST for people to go and reserve a place or get more informations, what you guys think? I can’t understand the value of staking tokens in this way… That’s a token curated registry… please! a more detailed description please a phone number: +34 698 32 99 19 a website… i found just a facebook page

AC Hotel by Marriott Palau de Bellavista

  • Description is only copy-paste of title - Missing phone number - Missing web page Basically: Not good enough for the FOAM map. Minimal effort is put in by the cartographer. The POI should be removed.

It is very likely that the challenger will not in fact re-add the point as we can see here "I will restake the POI. Promise!"

Further, website and phone number are not required fields to submit a PoI, despite what the Challenger claims.


It has come to a point where I assume ulterior motives behind all challenges above a few hundred tokens. Unless there are gross errors like coordinates or title or duplication that I can actually double-check and confirm myself, such challenges ain’t getting my votes.

Good point that phone and web address are optional fields when submitting the POI.


Will you vote in favor for the points to remain against the challenger?


Normally I would, as time permits.


Biased me here, as some have been challenged by me.
I don’t get the interest in the point if not enough informations are submitted. For attraction tag is ok, I would generally expect a description for such a tag…
For retail, education, or anything that has value for people to visit or to contact, a number or website for me is a must.
Also it should be a cartographer ethical point to give as much informations as he can to provide a good service and creating the right metadata layer for future use of the foam map.
That’s my two cents, I still don’t get why DIA survived, I would love more answers on this, thanks for bringing it up @Jimmy_maps


I agree that a cartographer should add the phone number and website when staking the POI if that information exists, but I don’t support these challenges because I know that the challenger will not restake the POI with the missing info.

So, I’d rather have some info on the map than none. It seems like this is a growing consensus among members here and voters on the map, as fewer challenges seem to be successful.


I agree:

Out of just looking at these recent challenges only Forte de São Brás survived the challenge.

The challenger wrote for each they would re-add, but then did not.


I don’t agree with your view, and as a cartographer I feel am ethical push that keeps me on challenging misleading or incomplete informations. I will keep on doing that, respecting the fact this is a partial fault, I will challenge 1/3 of the stake of the POI for common sense.
I will keep on doing my best when registering new POI s filling as much infos I can. I feel a little sorry about you guys who let incomplete informations staked with a lot of FOAM tokens. I don’t like it and I’ll keep on challenging it, just because I still hadn’t any rational answer about why an incomplete information shouldn’t be challenged.
By the way I don’t feel a challenger should resubmit a POI. Many times partial challenges are good to educate new cartographers in my opinion.
Anyhow, I’ve an entire nation to sort and build some service on it. :face_with_monocle:
Happy hunting everyone.


Are you writing in the challenge reason that you will re-add though?


So, it seems like some of us differ in how we weigh quality of info on the map versus quantity. I hope that with registry improvement proposals, more optimized contracts can be deployed that improve both at the same time. I look forward to hearing and discussing more of these as they’re suggested.