Challenges in Girona, Spain


Fun Fact, in the Adchain TCR smart contracts you can not challenge for more than the minimum deposit, even if the listing has more tokens staked in it than the minimum.

If this were the case in FOAM the reward pool would never be more than 100 FOAM tokens and as a small amount may not attract voters. If minimum deposit is raised too high, it becomes a limit on adding points. This is something we debated about internally for quite some time about potential abuse as we may be seeing now, but ultimately agreed on a design where the full amount staked in a point is at risk of being challenged.

Challenges Ending On 2nd May

I think limiting the challenge amount is good. While it may not attract voters, this effect is neutral, in the sense that it doesn’t penalize the cartographer unreasonably.


Hm, I’m not sure it does, because a hypothetical greed-driven challenger will remove this duplicate as soon as no-one is looking. It’s just an extra hoop to jump through; from unenforceable “I promise to re-add the POI” we move to equally unenforceable “I promise to keep the POI as long as possible”. It’s arguably progress, but not huge progress.


I don’t think I agree that most challengers will remove their new POI after winning a challenge to remove the incorrect original. They would still be making out with the difference (original incorrect POI - new correct POI), and this would require multiple transactions over multiple days. After they’ve invested the time + effort in creating the new POI, they may find that it’s not worth removing the new POI. They’d also be sacrificing the potential value in owning the POI in the long term.

Do you have any other suggestions for resolving this issue in the short-medium term? For long term fixes, would love to hear your thoughts on the upcoming community workshop call!


Thanks everyone for your input. After considering the range of views expressed, I’ve decided to challenge Escola Pla de Girona for half the stake. My reasoning in brief:

-Challenging for the full stake would unfairly penalize the cartographer.

-In this case, the cartographer has already won a full-stake challenge, so they will come out ahead regardless.

In summary: If this new challenge succeeds, the map will be slightly improved by addition of phone and website to this POI, and the original cartographer will still come out ahead. I will come out somewhat behind, which I accept as the cost of my foolish previous challenge.


I appreciate you proving an explanation. You have my vote on this challenge. As a matter of principle, I think we need to find a way to give the original cartographers some credit for taking the risk early in the development of this project.


Cartographer gets nothing for surviving a challenge other than the persistence of the POI.


I believe they mean that because this point has already survived challenges, they have been rewarded portion of the previous challengers tokens already. So, if they lose this one for half the stake they “come out ahead”


Yikes. Not firing on all cylinders over here. Thanks!


Thanks for posting about the four locations in the Berkeley CA area. I am reading through every challenge description and if it is not sound enough, voting against it. I feel will have to accumulate enough FOAM tokens to make the vote meaningful.


Slowly but surely!
I started with <5000 FOAM and I’ve earned around 1000 FOAM so far. Just got to grind and make the right choices! :smiley:


I am also at the point that information should be completed completely and correctly. Phone number and email if available.
For telephone numbers, especially with country code. If the punctured POIs are to be valid on an international map, a prefix must be present. Finally, we develop here something that should have a benefit and ease of use and not even the re-research of data.
Regarding homepage there are sometimes no officially assigned but then there are pages that describe the POI very well.
As far as re-establishing a POI is concerned, I think it’s ok if someone creates a different one that he finds more interesting.