Challenges to Toronto locations based on international country code missing


CN Tower
Horse Shoe Tavern

Both points are challenged for “Phone number is incorrect (lacks +1)”
There never was a guideline for how a phone number should be posted and in Canada and even all the information from both POI’s websites never puts +1.
This is normal in Canada never to put that.
I find this to be very trollish. If this is the trend, I would remove all my POI’s i have done so far, as I have most of the POI’s for Toronto.
I hope the community supports me or has a better suggestion for this predicament.

User Experience

way too picky and counterproductive to the map build out. ill be voting for the POIs to stay. imo someone is just trying to game it because of the stake amount involved.


I agree that it’s picky and opinionated. In itself, full phone number with country prefix is good, but without the prefix it’s not really “incorrect”, as Horseshoe Tavern challenge puts it.

I don’t see though what stake amounts have to do with these challenges, @yepyep; the POIs are being challenged for the smallest challenge amount of 50. Could be just someone expressing their (somewhat pedantic) idea how things should look on FOAM map.


ya true. people are challenging the 50 FOAM POIs as well. if i had to guess tho i bet the person that challenged these saw the amount staked then looked through the POI for spelling errors, punctuation errors, anything. The only thing they could find was the country prefix number, which many POIs do not have, so they went with that.

Its important that the challenger does not win this one.


These are useless nitpick challenges with very little at stack.

I voted for the points to remain on the map.


Nice to see the community coming together and voting as a response to the thread on Discourse :raising_hand_man:t2::raising_hand_woman:t2:

Challenges to Toronto locations based on international country code missing
CN Tower : 9 -> 60,624
Horsehoe Tavern : 0 -> 58,147

Numbers taken from Blocklytics FOAM Daily Digest Email


Looks like the challenge failed! Proud to have been a part of this as my first vote :smiley:


Thanks for voting folks.
I would be happy to donate some FOAM to avid cartographers here.