Claiming Reward Is Now Free?


I just claimed the reward for voting on the winning side. Metamask didn’t pop up asking me to authorize the transaction … but the reward tokens were added to my wallet nevertheless. Is it now free of gas fee?


I could be wrong but I think that for voter rewards, if anyone updates the status of a challenge then voter rewards are automatically distributed to accounts. However, if you are the challenger or the point owner that won, you need to spend gas to get that reward.

You can see this in transactions on Etherscan that are update status that when the update occurs for a completed challenge multiple transactions are included in the update distributed foam to voters on the winning side. The reward for challenger or point owner requires an independent call


Voting rewards afaik require users to ‘claim reward’ separately for it to reflect on their balance. Itll show up under the registry tab of the dashboard. And does require gas though. There hasn’t been any updates that I’m aware of :thinking: I personally always had to claim rewards via a transaction.

Challenge bonus will be distributed directly at the ‘update status’ transaction to the poi owner (deposited directly to the POI) or to the challenger (Transferred directly to the metamask address)


I don’t think it went directly to my balance. When I clicked claim reward, everything happened as per normal, except that Metamask didn’t pop up and I didn’t have to click ‘confirm’ on Metamask.

I’m wondering if there’s a bug. But subsequently, when I vote on another challenge, everything was per normal.


The sequence is:

  1. Click “Claim Reward”
  2. Submit transaction with Metamask
  3. Wait for transaction to be executed by Ethereum
  4. See transaction gas cost paid from your ETH account
  5. See your token balance credited.

Nobody can get to the last point unless all previous steps are done.


Don’t points need to have their status updated first before being able to claim rewards too?


Yes. But anyone could update the status, not necessarily the challenger or the POI owner.


As the map guide says:

If you’re wondering why bonuses and rewards are paid out in different ways:

  • FOAM Map uses 2 smart contracts: a registry contract, and a voting contract.
  • This handles stakes and votes separately.

In my experience have to pay gas to receive vote reward, but I have seen on etherscan some transactions that are update status and resuly in payout to two addresses. maybe if only small winners it is auto?