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Hello, I’m a huge fan of FOAM, I like what you are doing.

I’ve also found the reference on FOAM open protocol from Crypto-Spatial Coordinates (CSC) from Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) who initiated a review of DLTs and blockchain initiatives.

I’m the founder of Starmesh, (Twitter), we would like to solve Earth Observation Data Rental through blockchain protocol.

Our other secondary goals include traceability and provenance of all data, incentives in communities and decentralized identity (DID, 3box, Kilt).
But we can’t build this alone, we see it could be done through co-operation & partnerships.

I would like to initiate long-term cooperation with the FOAM community overall. Let’s call this a bridge :slight_smile:
I know from article that you plan to use Ethereum and Tendermint, hence I see there will be space for interoperability.

Our tech stack, “for now”, is focused on Substrate, it’s what fuels and Ethereum 2.0, so the potential for the bridge should be there.
For data distribution we will use Filecoin and Textile for developer tooling.

For now, our PoC includes collecting and integration of data providers.
We would like to integrate liquid value-added providers, like FOAM.

Earth Observation providers, like ESA program Copernicus (Sentinel mission), U.S. based Planet, SISS in South Korean :kr:, Beijing-based SpaceWill, JAXA :jp: and many others, it will be tough.

In the same city, as our team is we have high value-added provider Solargis, which is providing weather and solar data, literally bankable solar data. In city next to us, Brno, we have guys from World From Space which provides value-added data from Sentinel5p for air quality and urban vegetation and there are many others, but we would like to first have some deliverables than empty promises.

I’ll check this post in a week or so, let me know what do you think.

The most interesting part for us would be what kind of licensing is used within FOAM protocol?

All the best,

If you are interested, give us follow on Twitter, we want to open doors for more geo-nerds :slight_smile:


I took a quick look, and am at a loss to explain how or why I would use Starmesh… Perhaps a FAQ or whitepaper would help?

Your describes the use of ‘Oracles’, is this something you can piggyback on with something like Chainlink? I’m leaning heavily towards building blocks and legos for the next wave of Blockchain applications, and much much less one off’s and custom implementations.

I appreciate you focusing on and this dPOL and GIS framework. I do see there could be some synergy, and of course not reinventing the wheel gives you a headstart to focus on UX and applications.

Perhaps this could be a presentation to the FOAM community, and a Grant to pursue those synergies!