Completed PoU, verfied all my 10 PoI's. But FOAM tokens never came back to my wallet :(


Weird issue here.

  • I completed to PoU by adding 10 points of interest and by waiting for their challenge periods to be over.
  • The map confirms that I have completed PoU by showing ‘PoU Complete’ in the upper right corner
  • I have verified all my points of interest (the ‘My Assets’ panel confirms this by showing ‘10 Verified points of interest’.

HOWEVER, the tokens used for the points of interest are still stuck somewhere. They do not show in my wallet. They went to the FOAM contract address when I created them, but never came back to my wallet when I verified them.

You can verify this by looking at my wallet: 0x7Cf20A1BB4CAE92Df714eAf760814860eD5f785F
You can see all the OUT transfers, but they never came back IN after I verified the POIs.


Hey @dirkt82 you’re supposed to manually withdraw them from the POIs you’ve made if you like to have your tokens back.

A Point of Interest must always have a minimum stake of 50 FOAM Tokens. This deposit is a spam prevention mechanism and a means of introducing skin-in-the-game incentives to the data being proposed .

I recommend you check out this article on more details for the FOAM Map’s Token Curated Registry Design and Incentives


Thanks! I removed all of them, because withdraw button was grayed out for them. Got the tokens back now! Yay