Consideration for community rewards


Hello, Foam Community.

Hope everyone is staying safe and keeping healthy and enjoying the holiday season. Want to pose a specific query to the team.

We all understand that price is not always the reflection of the utility of a particular token and given the market has been in bull mode for almost a year… Wondering if the team thinking to reward the loyal supporter who believe in the team and the project and have invested and patiently holding their tokens for a long time ? Is the team thinking in this direction to reward the holders ? Your thoughts please… @Ryan_foam

Wish all the luck to this incredible team and the ocean of utilities that this token carries to see full swing adoption from individuals as well from the enterprises in the near future :slight_smile:


The FOAM Signals were there before the NFT explosion.
I previously said that not providing support on OpenSea was a huge mistake.
If you look at them; there is no reason for anyone to want one:

We need an interface that provides a spinning / or static view of the cross cut of the geographical location that the signal covers. With a shaded force field showing the zone radius. This is something that could be scripted and rendered from public GIS datasets.

As it is now, there is no way for an outsider to look at this market and say, oh that’s Topeka Kansas or New York City… The platform is completely opaque to outsiders.

The reward to the holders of the signals will be a bonus on the location staking, based on age.


That’s a very valid point!

Also, haven’t came across some documentation that tells what’s the team’s plan on taking the cartographer approach to the masses, which the project certainly needs; if they want to succeed.

With ETH skyrocketing prices, even I want to add POI, that require only 50 tokens ( ~ $3 with current price) but the gas price is just insane. I myself paid almost $50. :frowning:

If team indeed decide to reward holders based on the amount and age that would be awesome :slight_smile:


People are buying 3D renditions of an imaginary place, that has no other utility in the Metaverse (unlike property in Decentraland etc):

The effort that went into rendering something like this, could be redone for the public datasets of GIS based on the coordinates of the Signal NFT, and the Zone area, and staking amount.

If this were done, all of the existing Signals could be visibly enriched, and the market would be able to see what something like actually covers and why it justifies an 11 ETH price.

This effort could be funded through a initiative, and would most likely be able to raise matching funds.

Why this has not been done until now does not make sense. Use the power of the Open Markets, and allow people that are not engineers to see what the Signals cover!


Hey Yinzeus, wanna get at me? Seems like you are the person to talk to about a Geospatial tech/data DAO.

Feel free to connect with me via telegram (@calicoflamingo) or Twitter (@metaphoricdryft)

Hope to hear from you soon!