Deleting and/or editing POI


A nice fellow with jazzhands mentioned I could withdraw a POI created in error without having to challenge my own POI. I challenged w/o knowing otherways, in attempts to reclaim my foam before it inevitably got challenged to floated away. Apparently you can withdraw, and retain the entire foam stake, by clicking on the POI but still can’t accomplish the task. Plus have another question and figured I’d post it here for future reference should others be stumbling upon the same.

  1. So once the POI is selected how does one withdraw the entry? I clicked on the “Pending Point of Interest” dropdown and selected “Manage POI” but I’m missing how to specifically withdraw the TCR.

  2. Instead of withdrawing completely, is there option to merely edit? Or does one have to withdraw it completely, send it to the graveyard, and start from scratch with a new corrected POI entry? Or maybe it can be salvaged from graveyard too, to put back in play on the map with better flow of effort?

I have quite a few POI’s I want to get on the map and plan to be a growing participant so just curious on ways to maximize my time and sharpen my cartograper’s skills.

Any comments, tips, tricks welcomed… thank you.


Hi @MurphSlaw thanks for your questions. At this time the metadata of a PoI can not be edited after it is created. The data is stored on the InterPlanetary File System (IPFS). We use IPFS instead of storing the data directly on the Ethereum chain to save on considerable gas costs. You can see this analysis on the topic:

Future versions of the TCR could use IPNS - a pinning and naming service where you could point your “point” to a new address with updated or edited metadata. As of now, the IPFS hash is stored in the data of your point on Ethereum and this data is immutable and can not be changed.

To withdraw tokens from your point or to remove your point it first needs to be verified; i.e. green. When you select the point you will see:

From here you can manage your point. If you wish, you can “boost” the points ranking by depositing more tokens. You can also withdraw tokens, but must keep at least 50 tokens in the point. So if for example you staked 1000 and then were challenged for 50, you could withdraw 950 and use for voting. To completely remove the point manually you can select “Remove PoI” in the card:



@Ryan_foam That’s a superexciting NEWS! That means you can edit, challenge, or collaborate on a single POI? How cool could be if translations could be added to POIs to develop a new cartographer skill - LanguageSkill - or any other… I don’t know what are you imagining right now but that was my trip reading it :slight_smile: