Don Quixote Statue


Both of the Don Quixote Statue points were created by the same cartographer within two minutes of each other. Here are the transaction hashes-

1st Point (unchallenged) 500 FOAM- 0x4929b35f72d36202085e16539d45f78c7cb3be560f360240e2e0c04af7849031

2nd Point (challenged) 500 FOAM-

Would be interesting to hear back from the cartographer (looks like a new one) to see if this was a UI/UX issue, where they posted a point, didn’t see it and didn’t realize that the map indexer takes a minute or two to pick it up and show it, so they added the point again.



Happened to me before too, twice. First time, I got challenged and won. Second time I removed the duplicate before the challenge came in.


Good of you to have pointed this out, btw. I was wondering why the challenger was so tardy and would have voted against the challenge.


As I am putting POI’s putting the same POI twice has happened to me. It is driven by the delay in the transaction getting held up being validated on the blockchain. I had it happen twice and had to wait till my POI got verified and then I removed it. It lands up costing me the gas. I am notching it up to this still being in the early stages. Was going to ask if there is a way for the cartographer to remove the POI before it was verified if they noticed an error.

I was the one that challenged the double Don Quixote.
Cartographer 0x33c2b14e0dbb0b5d1b75b4aff57b1f18166564ff put 500 FOAM tokens on the Don Quixote Statue. Given that I challenged it to keep the map as clean as we can make it, but recognizing that they made and error. I sent them 100 FOAM tokens from my account.

My objective is to see this map take off and replace Google and Apple Maps because of the quality, relevance and the fact that the POI’s are accurate. To get there we really need to encourage every Cartographer.

If any one of us feels like we lost our tokens on something silly we are just less likely to put POI’s on the map. Need to create a positive and supportive mapping community.


I agree that this delay in transactions being confirmed on the blockchain and the delay in the map indexer picking up these transactions both reduce the user experience for new users. Do you have any ideas in mind for how to fix it though?

Maybe the map indexer could also scan the blockchain for pending transactions, as well as confirmed ones? There would still be the x second delay though between when the transaction is sent and the next time the indexer scans the blockchain.


Abilene State Park is the latest example of this issue. Two POIs representing the same place were placed by the same address within ~45 minutes of each other. Here are the transaction IDs:

  1. Challenged POI; 200 FOAM-
  2. Unchallenged POI; 200 FOAM-

Since there was a 45 minute difference this time in when the POIs were staked, it clearly wasn’t the lag in the map indexer that caused the user to stake the duplicate. Rather, it’s the wait for the transaction to be confirmed on the blockchain.

Cartographers should be careful to examine their MetaMask pending transactions when deciding whether to re-stake POIs when they aren’t seeing their original one. It’s probably stuck in the mempool.

Unfortunately, I think some new users will continue to make this mistake unless a fix like this is made-