DPoL Community Call - Thur. 12PM EST


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To all FOAM Cartographers,

Please join us for our next Community Call on Thursday January 24th at 12.00pm EST (NY).

We will be giving a brief review of previous work the Foamspace team has completed on Dynamic Proof of Location , and our plans with this research moving forward. The call will be based off of this discord thread posted by our CEO Ryan John King, who will be on the call.

Also featured on the call will be Ilya Ostrovskiy, one of DPoL’s key architects, and our resident expert at translating complex engineering concepts.

No matter your technical background, this call will be an excellent opportunity to learn more about why we are are so excited about the future of DPoL

Please use the link above to sign up for the call and to write us questions that we will answer live at its conclusion.

Updates on FOAM

Call starts in less than an hour. Looking forward.

You can join the call here:


great call! adding characters for 20char limit


The recording of the call is now live, thank you all for participating!


The Summary of the Call is now Live


As shown in this community call, here is a behind the scenes look of the LoRa Radios in action: :face_with_monocle:

For more progress on things in development, tune in to the Bi-Weekly Community Call ! :phone:

Ask any questions you have and sign up for the community call this Thursday (12PM EST) here :

You can also add the event to your calendar by signing up here :


:fire: Here’s a picture of the GeoPIckle mentioned