Eligibility to run radio zone(s)


Hello Admins/Team,

Reading some random twitter post and looking a team’s public git repos, it certainly gives an impression that team is heads down busy building. :slight_smile:

Is there a definite criteria that dictates who all should be allowed to run the pilot with radio zones? We are aware of one criteria to have some certain number of foam tokens to be a zone anchor. There must be others too…?

Also, if you can provide some insight about targeted timeline by when these custom devices be out for folks to run very first radio zones. Most of the folks out here eagerly waiting for this announcement to happen and get to participate building the decentralized map. Although it’s been proving a challenge to get the info out from the team for quite some time… Please make some announcement or publish a medium post… that would be really awesome…

Thanks and hope everyone enjoying a great long weekend…