Email notification issues?


I stopped receiving email notifications about challenges, reveal periods, vote results, etc. about a week ago. Has anyone else run into this issue or is it only me?

It shows that I am still signed up on the map for notifications.


Yes, there appears to be an issue, thanks for brining up- will look into and get back to you ASAP


The email service should be working properly now, thanks again for bringing it up. They appeared to have been caught in the backend- you may now receive some outdated ones as well.

Apologies to anyone that may have missed an event on the Map because of this. For any important event you are participating in as a Cartographer be sure to keep track of dates. The FOAM Map interface in general is a tool to facilitate interactions with the Ethereum blockchain. Email notifications, the daily digest, leaderboard and soon to be released Curator tool kit dashboard (making it easier to see what has occurred in a challenge and historic ones + user profiles with activity history and badges, to be discussed on next workshop call) are peripheral tools to make engaging with the protocol and blockchain more user friendly.

These tools are prone to errors that could not be found through tests but only through live deployments. Thank you again for reporting the issue, we will work quickly to address them in the future as now.


I think still not working properly. No notification at all for reveal vote.


This is also true for me.


Thanks for reporting the issue. We will do a deep dive to solve on Monday when the developer team is back in the office. Happy Easter all! :rabbit2:


Hi all, we found and solved the bug in our assumptions. The email notification service is back online and should be functioning correctly now, apologies for the delay.

If for some reason the UX shows you are not subscribed and you were, this is a browser cache issue, so try clearing your cache. For votes and challenges that occurred while the service was down, there will not be a reveal or results email.

Let us know of any further issues.