Email Notifications - Get notified when your points of interest change status


We just released the Email notifications feature on the MainNet build of the FOAM Map.

To learn how to use it, there is a full article in our help center:

You can read the official announcement post here:

This new feature was first showcased during FOAM Community Call — Analyzing the Map, Feb 7th.

You can find it by clicking on the bell at the top of the FOAM Map interface.
Please try it out and tell us if you have any issues/feedback.

FOAM Map Upgrades Community Call (Mar 7- 12PM EST)

Shout out to @foam_cs for doing the early alerts for challenges. Great initiative and an amazing service for many of our early community members.

Note that:
"On March 31, 2019 Caleb’s service will stop checking your points . All email address and all form information at that time will be deleted.

The FOAM Daily Digest will still continue and if you are not already subscribed, you can check it out here.


currently I am not able to sign up for the notifications because I am using MetaMask with Trezor and there is currently a problem with signing messages.

it’s an open issue that hopefully somebody will solve sooner or later:

is there any other way to enable these notifications for accounts that cannot sign via MetaMask?


Interesting, I’ve sent this to the developers to take a further look into but we’re limited in what we can do as this is primarily a Metamask problem, I’ll see if there’s an alternative to enable these notifications for accounts that cannot sign via MetaMask.


thanks. that would be great as long this issue isn’t solved! :slight_smile:


any update on that front?


Yes, apologies for the delay. If you DM your Metamask address we can manually add you to the email notification database system


Hey Ryan, I would like to do so but it seems like DM is not possible in this forum. Is there another possibility to provide you my address? Maybe telegram?


You can message users on the Discourse by clicking on their usernames.

@marc0olo I dropped you a message myself.


FYI messages can only be sent by users with “Trust Level 1” and above.

Get to trust level 1 by
Entering at least 5 topics
Reading at least 30 Posts
Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts.

#11 could be an interesting project for setting up email notifications, especially once they implement email encryption.