Fake "duplicate" challenges


I noticed on some occasions that legitimate POIs are being copied and then challenged as duplicates. I don’t keep full records, but this happened at least to https://map.foam.space/#/dashboard/0xc5f8c4ab20df78b77f8c7105a062f34b184474d827c7c11e834b7cc5ecd4f0a3/?lng=-81.8202659&lat=41.4840276&zoom=18.15 (was successfully defended). Now I see https://map.foam.space/#/dashboard/0xfff2b182ce0a35e5e24d71c5046ca672c76bd90a135d7dcec068da2ea77ebc41/?lng=-73.9881733&lat=40.7415046&zoom=15.00, which appears as “registered at November 16”, while the alternative copy is “last verified at November 19”.
I’d like to remind voters to verify the registration date of the “duplicates” being challenged.


I voted on the one that was just created I had to zoom the app so close before I could even see the duplicate.

Strand Book Store Challenge - NYC

For the record, the original POI got removed and its doppelganger “won”.