Feature suggestion: challenge with proposed changes


It would seem beneficial to add a different kind of challenge, where the challenge is accompanied by an alternative full POI data. Successful challenge would not just wipe out the POI, but would replace it with the proposed alternative location, title, description and other metadata.

The rationale: sometimes there is a challenge pointing out some inaccuracy in the POI, but voters cannot be sure whether the challenged POI will be replaced by a better version. Since imperfect POI is often better than no POI at all, it’s often unclear how to vote. “Challenge with proposed changes” should enable more incremental improvements to the map, without losing POIs unnecessarily.

Unsung heroes of March 2019
Incorrect street numbers in Barcelona (SlowMov challenge)

I agree that this supports an improvement of POI, which is in the spirit of the original intent.

I think that the current system is simple to avoid an overly complex rollout at launch.

Perhaps we could discuss how the community would propose and vote on such a change? Maybe there would be a requirement for a higher default stake with less or none lost in a challenge if an alternative were proposed? Again the intent being to currate the map accurately.

And then, we still are expecting there is some ancillary role for POIs in the future…


I touched on some of these points here:

As mentioned about the upgrade path, community aggregated feature requests are definitely needed and when it can be launched it can do so with a vote by token holders.