Feedback/Bug Report on New "My Assets" Card


In case you missed it, the new “My Assets” Card has been live for a few days now.

Here’s a post detailing the new features

This thread is to collect feedback, bug reports and suggestions for improvements if any on the new “My Assets” card update.


I used the new my asset card quite a bit last 3 days:
A thing I noticed is a bug in Firefox desktop, to see all the informations in the Card I need to zoom out at least 67%
At 100% the buttons and the title are formatted in a mess

On the usability all great , had so many vote rewards to unlock :grin:


Which version of Firefox are you using and what is your desktop os? Windows or Mac? @ntotao


Sorry to ask it here, can’t really find a description for each info in the my assets card…
What is CHALLENGED POI really means?
It’s the amount of my submitted POIs that have been challenged?
Until now I tought it was indicating the amount of POIs I challenged to somebody else, but as the counter is giving zero & I have currently 4 challenges I opened… Is a bug or means that my POIs were never challenged?



Hey @ntotao
It should be the number of your submitted POIs that has been challenged since that is your “My Assets Card”

We’ll be adding more filters for the POIs in future updates.


Thank you very much!


@ntotao Here’s the update :wink:


The extra features are handy and give token holders a more equal footing to curate the map. There is a potential bug related to older challenges. The removed points that I’ve voted on do not appear given these filter settings:


Nice catch! I’ll get the devs to look into it.


Hey @foam_cs did you reveal the votes for those removed points? In the filters “ voted by me” was implemented as “revealed vote “


Yes. The filter “Voted by me” does not appear to be working for historical points (i.e, before the update) but works for votes cast after the update. Other combinations of filters are working as expected.


But you did reveal those votes correct or did you just commit the votes?