Find POI via _listingHash


If I have the _listingHash, how do I bring up the POI in the map?

PS: I had to scour etherscan to find out which point I created was unverified, and AFAIK this is the only way to do so. If there is an easier way, pls LMK


@onegaia You can go to Dashboard to access the list of POIs that you’ve made, non verified points will show up as blue and verified points will show up as green


Sorry, that is of no help. I do not remember where on the map the POIs I made are. I would have to spend hours zooming in and out.

Additionally, non verified POIs created by others also show up as blue.

Why is it so hard to get answers on how to use this project? It’s not like my situation is unique. At best it would be my fault if I received an email or a notification to write down the POIs I created so I could go back to them. That is not the case either.

It must be possible somehow to retrieve LAT/LONG with _listingHash.


Here is how to do it. You dont need LAT/LONG, only the hash. Append _listingHash to the end of this URL:

PS: You can obtain _listingHash by scouring thru your TXs on etherscan and finding the one you want to act upon, then clicking on “Decode Input Data”

You are welcome.


Hey @onegaia thanks for finding a solution!
Also if you zoomed out to the highest setting, only the POIs that you’ve made will be shown on the Dashboard.

We’re aware of the current user friction and we’re working on a feature for Sorting/Filtering of POIs by the ones that you’ve made in a list.