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Hello FOAM Cartographers,

We have been investigating different on chain identity solutions for the FOAM Map Leaderboard and are excited about the developments from

Social profiles for

web3 applications

Create a social profile for your Ethereum account to start building trust, connection, and community

Information is stored and pinned to IPFS and you can add a bio, avatar and sign transactions with your MetaMask to verify your twitter and github. You can use your real information or be pseudonyms.

We will look to add this functionality to the leaderboard beta next week. In the meantime, please share your feedback and try out 3Box now to make a profile!

FOAM Map Upgrades Community Call (Mar 7- 12PM EST)

i set mine up. easier than i thought i would be.


Nice to see the ecosystem becoming enriched. Let’s get this documented for future on boarding.


Yes! Will be documented in a blog and added to the help guide once implemented. This will also play into forthcoming onboarding user flows.